OEM Missionary Leadership Council at the Medford Temple

On April 1, 2014 the Missionary Leadership Council attended the Medford Temple
as part of their agenda for the day.
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1st row: Sisters Marble, Miller, Hamilton, Payne, Nealy, Hancock, Sister Young
2nd row: Sisters Orr, Arnoldsen, Aldous, Hall, K. Petersen, Sterling, Adair, Clive, Savage, Pres. Young
3rd row: Elders Harmon, Redd, Briggs, Phair, Ayer, Busch, Sudweeks,
             A. Anderson, Brewer, J. Anderson
4th row: Elders Argyle, Heaton, Mulliner, Austin, DeGraffenreid, Boyd, R. Johnson,
             Bethea, Tidwell, Fakahua, Justice, Taylor

The temple session was a bonus item.  Regular items for MLC include leadership ideas from Pres. Young, then the Council discusses goals and how to improve the effectiveness of the mission and then develops methods to relay these ideas to the missionaries of the OEM.

March Departures

Pres. and Sister Young with Elders Atwood and Vande Merwe

Elder Parker Atwood with Pres. & Sister Young
Elder Vandwe Merwe with Pres. & Sister Young